Medical technologies and therapeutic interventions that help healthcare professionals in the fields of GI, Urology, Respiratory, Endotherapy and ENT deliver diagnostic, therapeutic and minimally invasive surgical procedures to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance patient safety and quality of life.

Touchdown Ventures

Our Partner

Touchdown Ventures helps manage Olympus Innovation Ventures with a dedicated corporate venture capital team, partnering on all aspects of operating the fund. Touchdown employs 50+ investment professionals and operates CVC funds for more than 15 corporations.

Fund Overview

  • We invest in emerging medical device, diagnostic, and digital healthcare startups with solutions for specialists, surgeons, and patients.
  • We strive to be a good partner. Our program is designed to support entrepreneurs through clinical validation, regulatory approval, and commercial distribution in global markets.
  • We target financial and strategic return by investing in companies that can leverage our scale, resources, relationships, technical capabilities, and clinical expertise.


Stage Focus

Stage Focus 
Stage-agnostic, with an emphasis on early to growth-stage startups

Priority Clinical Areas

Priority Clinical Areas 
General Surgery

Geographic Focus

Geographic Focus 
Global, with a focus on North America, Europe, Israel, and Asia

Contact Us

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with Olympus Innovation Ventures, LLC.  Olympus Corporation established OIV in 2021 to help achieve our Purpose of making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.  We do so through supporting cutting-edge medical technologies and procedures and scientific discoveries with the goal of helping people feel safer and more secure.  OIV partners with innovative companies who help us realize these key objectives.  This is all accomplished through our Core Values of Unity, Integrity, Empathy, Long-Term View and Agility.

Consistent with the above, the following conditions apply to your submission to OIV:
  • Nothing you submit is confidential or proprietary.  OIV will not (and does not have a duty to) treat the information as confidential or proprietary and will assume it is publicly available.
  • OIV will not treat any information as confidential or proprietary unless you and OIV enter into and sign a written confidential disclosure agreement.  That agreement will include your and OIV’s obligations with respect to the treatment of such information.
  • OIV may receive submissions from other third parties that are the same as or substantially similar to your submission.
  • OIV and its affiliates may currently be conducting or considering conducting research and development and developing and registering intellectual property that is the same as or substantially similar to your submission.  OIV and its affiliates may also begin conducting those projects in the future, even after receipt of your submission.  You have no rights to OIV’s and its affiliates’ developments.
  • OIV is under no obligation to enter into a relationship with you.  If the parties do decide to enter into a formal relationship, they will do so pursuant to a signed, written definitive agreement.  That agreement will include your and OIV’s rights, duties and obligations with respect to the relationship.
  • You have the legal authority to make the submission and provide the information included in such submission.  You also have the authority to discuss the information with OIV.  If you are submitting or discussing the information on behalf of a company, corporation, partnership or other legal entity, that entity has authorized you to do so.
  • Your submission will be reviewed and considered in accordance with OIV’s policies and procedures.
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Thanks again for your interest in working with OIV.  We believe innovation is essential to a healthier, safer and more secure world.
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