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A Marketing Intern’s Experience Working Virtually

Maintaining Balance and Collaboration

What is it like to have a virtual internship at Olympus? Elizabeth “Liz” O’Hara is a Product & Digital Marketing Intern on the Respiratory Marketing Team for the Spring 2021 semester and was recently interviewed about what it’s like working virtually and how that’s impacted her internship experience. 

What does a typical day look like for you?

My mornings start by having a half hour meeting with the Respiratory Marketing Team where we discuss any updates or projects. Between meetings I work on tasks that I have been assigned and later in the day will share updates on the progress I am making. I am in constant communication with my team and supervisors to goal set and propose new ideas. Each week consists of something new which keeps the role exciting – one day I am meeting with patients and the next I am collaborating with associations that we partner with. Throughout the process, I’ve learned how to be able to balance multiple projects effectively and prioritize what is important.

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How do you connect with your team since everyone is remote? 

The Respiratory Marketing Team has done a great job keeping an open line of communication for me to ask questions and keep me in the loop. Along with having daily meetings with the entire team, I have regular check-ins with my supervisors where they make sure I have the resources and support I need to be productive and complete my projects. Everyone that I met so far has been extremely friendly and willing to help. I know they are a quick chat or call away if I need them.

Any tips to share on working remotely? 

The two strategies that I have for staying productive are keeping a routine and having a dedicated space to get work done. I always make sure to use lunchtime to actually step away from the computer and take a proper break. Additionally, having a dedicated workspace allows me to minimize the distractions that come from working at home and keep myself organized.

What are one or two projects you’re working on? 

As a Product and Digital Marketing Intern on the Respiratory Marketing Team, I help with direct-to-patient advertising for the Spiration® Valve System. In just my first few weeks, I have helped with numerous projects spanning from conceptualizing a postcard mailer that physicians can send out to their patients and helping set up virtual webinars and roundtable discussions. One project I am very excited about is being able to interview patients and develop written testimonials for the Spiration® Valve webpage.

Our Summer 2021 internships will be primarily remote, with the exception of engineering internships which may be partially in-person following COVID safety protocols.  Applications are already under review. Apply now!

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