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Olympus Locations Spotlight: Westborough, MA

At Olympus, we are committed to making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling every day, and it takes employees across all of our locations to make that happen. In a new unifying blog series, we will be sharing feature stories about different Olympus locations across the Americas and how they contribute to our corporate philosophy and overall goals of the company. 

The first location to be highlighted in our Locations Spotlight series is the new Westborough, Massachusetts facility. Set to open on March 15, 2021, the Westborough location consolidates working space for a wide range of business groups including research and development, medical sales and marketing roles, corporate functions, and more. This location will serve as the Americas headquarters for our medical business and the global headquarters for our Therapeutic Solutions Division (TSD) business. 

Steven Wereley and Shannon Garber – key project stakeholders for the Westborough project – provided insight into the various features of our newest site, as well as the culture of its employees.


Who will be working at the Westborough facility? What business areas will be represented?

Our Westborough facility will be home to a number of key business areas, including our research & development, medical sales and marketing roles, and regional corporate functions like communications and human resources. In addition, a number of global business leaders will be based out of our Westborough office. 

What are the key features that make this location unique from other Olympus locations? 

This is the newest Olympus location and represents a new way of working for all Westborough employees. The location features an onsite cafeteria, fitness center, and daycare, along with state-of-the-art training and R&D labs. Additionally, it features conference rooms and meeting spaces with innovative technology for seamless virtual and global collaboration, including wireless integration of virtual meeting platforms.

What is the working culture of the facility and how does the Westborough facility support Olympus’ Core Values?

As a new campus, the Westborough employees have the unique opportunity to shape the site’s culture in support of Olympus’ Core Values, corporate strategy and employee experience. Employees will be in control of determining what the future of work after the pandemic looks like, especially considering the expanded capabilities of the new campus.

This facility supports our Core Value of Unity as it brings together multiple Olympus offices and businesses into one building for the first time, offering better opportunities for collaboration. It also exemplifies our commitment to maintaining a Long-term View by investing in the Boston region, which is a key hub for the global medtech industry.  Additionally, the seamless transition to the new facility during a global pandemic has shown our value of Agility in action. Employees, leadership, and our project team have all demonstrated great flexibility and adaptability to ensure the new campus opens on schedule, all while keeping employee safety and the future of work as top priorities.

How does Westborough contribute to Our Purpose of making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling?

This site has proximity to world-class medical institutions and healthcare leadership in Boston, onsite technology capabilities for global and virtual collaboration, and access to world-class educational institutions to develop talent pipelines. Olympus Westborough will also be an important location for developing strong community partnerships that drive impact and connect our employees to the places where they live and work.

Interested in joining the Olympus team at our new Westborough facility? 


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